IT Skills

2 to 3 Years

Doha, Qatar

December 01 2021

Company : NIIT Qatar

Employment Type : Full time

Company Details : NIIT is a 35 years Global Talent corporation and has got presence in 40 countries! NIIT Qatar represents the International brand for over 15 years and has trained more than 300 000 users! Courses will enhance your strategic thinking, enabling you to fulfill your career potential. In the spirit of innovation you will experience new perspectives on business, IT, Marketing, Graphic Design, Data Basses and so many more strategic issues.
All of our courses are recognized and approved by MOEHE Qatar and you will receive certificate after finishing your training! NIIT Qatar also offers onsite training at your company locations well as a regular schedule of open enrollment classes at frequent intervals in state of Qatar and across the globe. Our courses cover different subject areas, including both programing and system administration skills. We offer standalone classes in addition to all-inclusive certification training tracks.

Job Description

IT/technical instructor, or vocational education teacher, is responsible for preparing students to enter into a technical trade. Responsibilities include identifying educational needs, designing educational material and ensuring all students complete the courses successfully.
Reports directly to Head of NIIT Qatar.
Job Responsibilities:
Contributes to student learning, growth, and advancement.
Demonstrates academic competence in subject area(s), and displays an inclination for developing integrated and interdisciplinary work across the curriculum.
Maintains a growth mindset toward student learning, teaching practice, and personal/collective professional development.
· Demonstrates a high degree of self-efficacy holds themselves accountable for learner outcomes and advocates for their students;
· Works efficiently; and believes in their ability, the capability of their students, and themselves to succeed and excel.
Facilitates problem-solving, with a curious mind and critical thinking skills, showing a high degree of creative application in the implementation of data-driven curriculum and practice.
Collaborates effectively with a variety of stakeholder groups within the organization and with external partners to increase student performance and contribute to advancing the teaching and learning craft.
Looks beyond the walls of the classroom and demonstrates global competence and how their work will expand the impact of students’ work to their families and local and global communities.
Designs and facilitates differentiated and personalized learning goals and activities that follow a coherent sequence, are aligned to instructional goals, and engage students in high-level cognitive activity.
· Must be fluent in English ( and/or Arabic)
· Excellent communication and presentation skills!
· Positive, responsible and calm personality
· Excellent grooming skills
Knowledge of instructional methods appropriate for students
Desire and ability to work with students at the specified age level with diverse backgrounds and levels of ability toward accomplishing their educational goals.
Ability to organize tasks and manage time to meet many and varied deadlines; manage small and large groups of students in and communicate effectively with students, management, administrators and other staff, including the ability to discuss topics which may be sensitive.
Working familiarity with assistive technologies
Working knowledge of various office and video equipment.
Knowledge of educational software.
Instructor must have or gain knowledge of the following areas :
Ø Hardware – computers (Apple and PC), tablets, printers, scanners, projectors, and digital whiteboards
Ø Software – Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, and grade book software
Ø Networks – to make sure all the devices in the computer lab are networked and working properly
Ø Programming Languages
Ø Databases
Ø Machine Learning
Ø Mobile Apps Development
Ø Graphic Design
Ø Artificial Intelligence &Robotics
Ø Microsoft Office Programs
Ø Other Programs in NIIT Course List
Within first year of employment instructor must be ready to train approx. 70 % of courses which are listed in NIIT Qatar Course List, with that being said we are expecting from IT instructor to develop course content and being self-trained during working timings when there are no booked trainings.
Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:
Candidate must hold
Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in
Computer Science or Information Technology
Graphic Design (AUTOCAD Revit, Adobe Programs, Videography)
Cyber Security
· Mechanical Engineering
· Software Engineering
· Network Engineering
· Recent teaching experience, coursework, or other activity in area of education/training
· Demonstrated knowledge of current instructional strategies appropriate for students